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How do you encourage and support young people’s participation in leisure activities?

Nuorisopassi is a discount and benefit application that allows cities, municipalities, associations and other actors in Finland to provide local sports, cultural and transport benefits to young people. The Nuorisopassi mobile application is quick and easy to install!

The idea behind Nuorisopassi

Nuorisopassi provides a modern tool for encouraging and supporting local young people to participate in leisure activities

Nuorisopassi is a ready-to-use service that can be deployed immediately. The application is easy to download and install, and adding benefits to the application is simple. Once installed, the system administrator can manage the users and benefits through a user-friendly web application. The benefits can be managed in real time and their use can be monitored with the help of various reports.

Information concerning benefits and users is stored securely in a cloud service in accordance with applicable data protection regulations. The convenient mobile application can also be used without an Internet connection.


The communication feature of the Nuorisopassi application allows you to target messages at young people, for example by school. The feature allows you to provide information about future events and new discounts and benefits in a targeted way, and in the event of any faults, to directly contact those affected by the disruption. The communication feature allows you to communicate with users easily and efficiently!

The basic package allows you to offer discounts and benefits to young people flexibly and effectively. In addition, with integrated features, you can create a comprehensive and modern service package that helps you support young people’s participation in leisure activities.

Pricing in Finland

The monthly price of Nuorisopassi depends on the number of students added to the service.

The starting price is €4,500 + VAT. The price includes the deployment of the service, training, and support.

Would you like to try the Nuorisopassi application?

A trial subscription allows you to learn more about the features and use of the Nuorisopassi application. After the trial, you can decide whether you want to start using the service. The price of a three-month trial is €2,500 + VAT. The trial allows for up to 500 students to be added to the service.

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Nuorisopassi is already used in the following municipalities in Finland:

Tips for using the Nuorisopassi application

Tilaa uutiskirjeemme, niin kerromme sinulle ajankohtaisista asioista sekä jaamme ideoita Nuorisopassin hyödyntämiseksi!

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